Three reasons not to hire me and what to do instead

Written by Payal

November 30, 2022

In my free strategy session (available to everyone), we explore what you’re looking for and also decide if we want to work together. There are some instances where I have recommended that we don’t work together or when coaching may not be right for you at all. Keep reading, and I’ll suggest some alternatives too – I don’t want to leave you hanging!


Reason 1: We have too close a relationship.

In a coaching session you need to feel comfortable sharing whatever and feel secure that I will keep it confidential. I do not share client details with anyone without permission (no, not even my spouse!) but when we travel in the same social circles, you may never feel entirely safe.

Alternative: Another coach. The nice thing about being a certified life coach, is that I have access to a network of coaches with a range of specialties, from different backgrounds and time zones. Some are new coaches working on their certifications and will offer sessions as a deep discount for the opportunity to help.


Reason 2: You’re looking for advice.

Sure, having someone tell you what to do is certainly faster, but is it the best way for you? What happens when you come across a similar situation and the original advice doesn’t quite work? What I do in our sessions is hold space for you to explore your own wants and feelings and develop your own plan. It works best when you come up with it.

Alternative: Attend an educational seminar or retreat. I attended Unleash the Power Within (a Tony Robbins live event) back in 2017 and it did indeed make a huge impact on my life. Explore immersive experiences that are relevant what you are looking for. For example, there are different types of meditation or yoga retreats, educational seminars on specific topics where you can meet like-minded individuals and really go deep into your development.


Reason 3: You want a quick fix.

Hey, me too! When my clients are successful, it makes me so happy. It’s the process we have to fall in love with though. We tend to overestimate how much we can do in a day, but underestimate what we could do in six months. I appreciate urgency and the need to see progress and that’s something we can make sure we define in our initial strategy call. You do need time though to put your plans into action, to assess if you’re on the right path. That happens when we pause, not when we act.

Quick fix for wanting a quick fix: Consider letting go of the desired goal. Could it be less important? Examine the reasons for the urgency – is that timeline rooted in something important to you…or something someone else wants?

If none of these apply to you, or you’re not sure, why not set up a call with me? We can figure that out together. I’ve personally benefitted from using coaches, because it carved out time for me to focus on me and provided an accountability that I often struggled with in the past (ok I still do today too). Going to a coach is not always the right path, but it could be worth exploring!

If you’re here, and you’re considering how I might be able to support you, why not schedule a call with me? It’s free. There’s absolutely no pressure to buy anything – it’s just two people having a chat and seeing where it could go from there.


  1. nim

    why did you write this article because i know that sometimes businesses try to lure people into using their products

    • Payal

      Hi! I wrote the article because I DON’T want to lure people into anything. I want to guide them into doing what’s right for them. Thank you for asking!


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