Want to get out of busy mode and actually make progress?

Personal Development Coach Payal can partner with you to uncover your true desires and goals to live a life of your own creation, with no limits to your achievements. 

Coaching can help you:


Prioritize internal wants and needs over external validation


Speak confidently and in alignment with your values


Get closer to the life you dream of and deserve

Can You Relate?

I know what it’s like to get up before your family wakes up to commute two hours each way and come back after your baby is already asleep.

I thought the solution to the next promotion was saying yes to everyone and never asking for help; yet I still felt I was always behind and not doing enough. I felt anxious and passed over.

The solution came to me slowly, after a higher-up validated my feelings. She also told me to ‘wear my heart on my sleeve.’ That off-handed comment confused me, but I started to get bolder about setting boundaries at work.

As a result, I was promoted, received positive performance reviews, and enjoyed a more balanced work and family life. I was finally able to attract and develop relationships with the people who supported and valued me and use my strengths to enjoy work!

I believe everyone can wear their heart on their sleeve at work and thrive.

Can you relate?

Payal in a garden


Trying it Out


Gain fresh momentum

Four 60 minute weekly sessions



Make impactful progress

Six 60 minute weekly sessions
Goal Progress Check-In



Bring the future to you

Goal-Getter package +
Two 60 minute bi-monthly sessions
One 60 minute monthly session

All packages include a 30 minute strategy session. Additional sessions can be purchased for $120.
Progress is unique! Motivated clients are actively working on specific goals and meeting with me weekly for about 4- 6 weeks, then twice a month for 2-3 months and monthly for another 1-2 months, and then on demand as needed. My goal is to help you gain traction and joyfully say goodbye!



In this no-obligation, complimentary call, share your frustrations and goals for yourself, discover if I am the right coach for you and identify the coaching plan cadence that’s best for you.


Purchase and schedule your weekly sessions. In our 1-hour sessions, we will identify the issue(s) you’d like to work on and uncover potential action steps towards solutions.

Take Action

Coaching works when you set clear and attainable goals and take time to put them into practice. In between sessions you’ll reflect and make progress on the goals you set. In our subsequent sessions we’ll discuss progress and identify next steps.

About Payal

pronounced pie-ull

Payal Mehta is a certified life coach, award-winning public speaker and has had a 20+ year career spanning small business hospitality industries to working at a Fortune 100 financial services company. As a child of immigrants and a current working parent, her passion is to help others find satisfaction with their lives and live boldly, without apology.

Coach Payal is a gem! She keeps it honest and has me question my blind spots, which allows me to break through my mental blocks and aim higher! So good! Thanks Coach!! :)
Ivana Zivkovic
April 4, 2023
Coach Payal is truly exceptional! She not only helped me conquer my stage fright, but also equipped me with valuable feedback and techniques for delivering captivating presentations. Thanks to her expert guidance, I now feel confident and comfortable when presenting to a crowd. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their public speaking skills.
Jerry J.
March 21, 2023
Payal is a game changer! I've worked with Payal for several months and achieved some personal goals I had been putting off - she helped me work through the imaginary barriers I had and kept me moving. I found Payal to be exceptionally professional, prompt, engaged, and encouraging.
Nicole Jones
March 18, 2023
Over the course of few months my sessions with Payal has helped me tweak my attitude towards work and helped me with decision making. I’ve been more thoughtful in these areas. The sessions are mainly deep self reflecting questions of why we think a certain way. What I like about Payal is that she draws questions out of you in a respectful way and shares her own experiences. She enables you to design an outcome that is fitting and comfortable to you without compromising your values.
James Thomas
February 22, 2023


Why is coaching so expensive?

It may seem expensive, but the return you’ll get if you do the work on yourself could be a promotion, or more time for yourself, increased satisfaction with life. How much is it costing you right now to stay where you’re at?

Is coaching better than therapy?

Coaching is different from therapy. A therapist is a licensed professional able to help you with serious mental health concerns.. As a coach, I help you explore future next steps for goals that you set. Because you have the answers!

I don’t really know you, won’t it be awkward?

This is actually one of the benefits! Coach Payal is paid to support you and your goals – with no ulterior motives or incentives to do otherwise.

How can I be certain what I share is kept private?

Whatever you share with her is kept confidential and doesn’t go back to your family, friends or colleagues. The sessions are not recorded, and Coach Payal is in a private room during your session (not at a coffeeshop!). 

What if it doesn’t work the way I expected?

Often clients start with one set of goals and find they need or want to work on another – that’s okay! The focus is all on what you need. Stick with the process for 4 – 6 weeks to be able to reflect back on changes.  However, if you’re truly feeling this isn’t working out for you, you can end the coaching relationship at any time and any unused session fees will be refunded.