Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a bit more. I’m Payal – an American born Indian mom, wife of 17 years and an imperfect vegan. And I’m a personal development coach.

Rise to success

I’d call myself successful – getting a full scholarship to college, being the top ranked candidate with a job right out of college, continually advancing to a six figure salary at a Fortune 100 company in downtown Manhattan. What you won’t find on my LinkedIn profile is failing out of college and losing that scholarship, quitting that first job after six months, burnout and lots of therapy and coaching. My life is perfectly imperfect.

My story evolves, based on how I choose to see it. All those seemingly positives in my life sometimes came with serious negatives, and conversely, a lot of negative experiences turned out to be the teaching moments I’m most grateful for. I get to decide if I hit a low point or a rest stop on my journey.

Why coaching?

I coach because I believe in you and I believe I can support your journey. I know the power to make dreams into realities lies in your own hands. I also know that for all my successes, I had so much support along the way. Got something on your mind need a little support, why not set up some time to talk about it with me?

Giving back

My life is full. I have everything I need. Now, I want to help others in the best way I can. Starting with myself: healing and developing myself means I can pass this onto my son (and anyone around me). Coaching provides me an opportunity to connect person to person. An additional way I contribute time and money is:

Hearts on Sleeves, Minds in College Scholarship: A college degree opened doors for me. I could also see the bias employers had against people without them. My family began this scholarship to help two students a year with costs towards their undergraduate degree. I personally review applicants and select award recipients for the spring and fall semesters. Contribute to the scholarship!

If there’s something here that resonated with you, if it reminded you of that thing you have been wanting to work on but can never find the time for – consider this a sign that the time is (and always has been) now. Set up time with me to talk and let’s figure out a plan to get you what you deserve.

Till then, connect with me on my blog and keep in touch.