Who is the person I want to be?

Written by Payal

December 27, 2022

Recently I was interviewed (we talked) on Lisa Schlosberg’s podcast, Out of the Cave
Lisa is one of my coaches. Originally my personal trainer back in 2017 when all I wanted was to be ‘fit’ and to me that meant losing weight. Lisa currently runs group coaching sessions for people who struggle with emotional eating…and an amazing podcast that gave me a huge shift in perspective.

A different experience

I’ve been interviewed before but I was always trying to promote something or share information. This time, there was no objective. I actually had no idea what I wanted to talk about. I just knew I wanted to contribute to the important conversation Lisa has been having.

After the recording was over and I finished chatting with Lisa I wasn’t sure what to do with myself next. I spent all day in a semi-anxious state leading up to the recording and after I didn’t quite feel relieved. In fact, I wondered what just happened? What did I say? Writing this now, a few days after we recorded, I struggle to recall any detail besides that I think I mentioned I was a mom?

One year ago

Lisa’s podcast helped me incredibly. At the time, I was in an online fitness coaching relationship where I lost 20 pounds, gained confidence in the gym and made incredible friends. It was always a constant struggle and it also felt like it was taking over my entire life. Listening to the first several episodes of Out of the Cave where Lisa took me on a journey, helping me understand why I am the way I am, that it was okay and what I can do about it empowered me in a way I never had before. Before that podcast, I felt like I had to be a certain weight and I should care about losing extra pounds.

You can want to lose weight, but you don’t have to

I’m not saying losing weight or wanting to is a bad thing. I’m saying feeling like you HAVE TO in order to be acceptable and to feel safe is not okay. And that’s one thing Lisa helped me with on the podcast, live for all of you to hear – if you don’t feel safe, how can you expect anything else? How do you proceed?

I am open to your thoughts and also happy to point you to other episodes that gave me so much relief and education.

I invite you to listen to this podcast, and know this – this is me at my most vulnerable and open. I was nervous, unsure and also very much in the moment. For me to be able to do something like this. . .I’ve come a long way.

If you’re here, and you’re considering how I might be able to support you, why not schedule a call with me? It’s free. There’s absolutely no pressure to buy anything – it’s just two people having a chat and seeing where it could go from there.


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